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The majority of songs your hear in the charts today are mixed by a separate specialized person. Aka the mix engineer. The mix, final mix, final mixdown is really part of the production these days. This is because a experienced mix engineer will turn the recording, creation, song into something better than what the producer had envisioned !

Mixing songs takes much experience and skill. This is why most of the top mix engineers are in there 40's plus !! I'm not in my 40's yet but still have many years experience. Hopefully you can hear that in the mixing I provide. Please listen to the before and after mixing sound examples below. My studio has high-end monitoring and has been acoustically treated. Allowing the full ballanced spectrum to be heard. Check below on 'how to' prepare and send audio files !

I charge 125 UK per mix. This includes as many revisions needed plus final mastering is included aswell.
Avro Studio songs

Various songs from
the studio:

Compare original
mixes against my
final mixes.

1. Rock T'Night     Clivek mix
2. Rock T'Night     Original
3. Young again     Clivek mix
4. Young again     Original
5. Magic     Clivek mix
6. Magic     Original

* You will need to send me all the individual audio files for the track you require for mixing.
* For instance the kick track, snare track, hi hats, bass, keyboards, guitar, strings, main vocal, backing vocal and so on.
* In your sequencer bounce/export each track. Making sure they all start from the same point.
* Export/bounce as a WAV or Aiff file. 24bit at 44.1 khz.
* If you're using Pro Tools, Cubase or Nuendo, you can send the whole project file. No export required.
* If the file is stereo then export as a stereo . If its a mono file then export as a mono file.
* Do not include any processing to any of the audio files. No eq, compression, fx, reverb!
* You should now have one folder which consists of your audio files.
* Using Winzip or Winrar, zip up the folder. The folder will be smaller in size, therefore less time to upload.
* Click here, select your zipped folder and upload. Links to my personnel secure YouSendit.com dropbox!
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